The Top 50 Leading Brands In Venture Capital


Published: March 16, 2012
Length: 489 pages, 200+ charts
Author: Jon Samsel, editor & co-founder
Format: PDF

Brands Featured in this Report 
Fred Wilson, Andreessen Horowitz, Venrock Associates, Intel Capital, Mayfield Fund, OpenView Venture Partners , Scottish Equity Partners, DCM, BFTP, Benchmark Capital, True Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Trinity Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Index Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners, Betaworks, Village Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, JMI Equity, Morgenthaler, IVP, Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, OVP Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, Founders Fund, Atomico, Point Judith Capital, MK Capital, Lux Capital, First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Battery Ventures, NEA, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Foundation Capital, Granite Ventures, Elevation Partners, Prism VentureWorks, Volition Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Illinois Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Safeguard Scientifics, Advantage Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Hummer Winblad, and Flybridge Capital Partners.

Heardable evaluated many venture capital brands that DID NOT make the cut into the Top 50, including firms such as: Google Ventures, Atlas Venture, Summit Partners, BOLDstart Ventures, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, Tech Coast Angeles, TA Associates, 3i, Sigma Partners, i/o ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Austin Ventures, and U.S. Venture Partners.


Fred Wilson ( is named the #1 venture capital brand online with a Heardable Score of 627 out of 1000, followed by Andreessen Horowitz at #2, Venrock Associates at #3, Intel Capital at #4, and Mayfield Fund at #5.

Fred Wilson outscored such brands as Venrock Associates and Mayfield Fund to secure the top position, which was calculated by a thorough examination of over 200 VC brands and 779+ data variables per brand. Fred Wilson's score of 627 out of 1,000 beat its nearest competitor, Andreessen Horowitz, by 16 points (2.6%). 

So what is Fred Wilson doing right? Lots of things: 

- Compelling content publishing (syndicated and embedded)
- Website optimized for smartphone browsing
- Strong social media presence, participation & followers

As many of you may already know, Fred Wilson is a partner with Union Square Ventures, a VC firm that ranked #25 in this report. Every firm featured in this report is a stand alone venture capital company except for Fred Wilson, who is both a partner in a leading VC firm and the most popular venture capitalist brand in his own right.

Heardable wrestled with whether to include Fred Wilson as a separate brand in its report, since all other competitors were traditional venture capital companies. But the research results were clear and compelling. For example, Fred Wilson has 209,876 Twitter followers, which is 380% higher than the next closest VC firm on Twitter. His website,, generates 70k visitors per month, which is 2,021% higher than second place Andreessen Horowitz. 

Top 10 VC Brands, Ranked by Heardable Score (1000 points possible)

1. Fred Wilson - 627
2. Andreessen Horowitz - 611
3. Venrock Associates - 603
4. Intel Capital - 602
5. Mayfield Fund - 592
6. OpenView Venture Partners - 591
7. Scottish Equity Partners - 583
8. DCM - 573
9. Benchmark Capital - 568
10. Sequoia Capital - 561

Heardable evaluated over 200 venture capital brands and many well-known VC firms did did not make the cut into the Top 50, including: Google Ventures, Atlas Venture, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Summit Partners, BOLDstart Ventures, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, Sigma Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Austin Ventures, and U.S. Venture Partners.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Social Media Assessment
Content Sharing Assessment
Measurement Assessment
Website Usability Assessment
Search Assessment
Top 50 Brands: A Closer Look
About Heardable

Report length: 489 pages

Analyst Quote

"Fred Wilson's Heardable score represents his participation as a category leader in the VC community," said Gunther Sonnenfeld, co-founder of Heardable, Inc. "Any company in today's landscape must think and act as a live brand, with its own expressions, actions and scalable value offerings.

In the venture space, this is especially important: While there might be plenty of capital to invest, the fact is that deal flow is a challenge, and therefore the best way for entrepreneurs and venture firms or institutional investors to connect is through the sharing of critical information.

Fred Wilson understands this better than anyone, and has grown his business through the power of social interactions, as well as through a rich digital footprint -- an optimized web presence, pervasive applications, compelling social media content and unparalleled perspectives on the market that incorporate his own thinking, and that of industry stalwarts, all of which he syndicates with consistency. At the end of the day, Fred conducts a deep and direct dialogue with all the stakeholders in the investment process, including prospects, and this is an example for all great venture firms to follow."

- Gunther Sonnenfeld, Co-Founder of Heardable

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