The Top Performing Design Software Brands in the Electronics Industry


Published: April 8, 2012
Sponsor: UBM Electronics
Author: Jon Samsel, editor & co-founder
Length: 445 pages, 100+ charts
Format: PDF

Brands Featured in this Report 
Autodesk, SAP, Solidworks, Microsoft, Altair, Oracle, Corel, Accenture, Dassault Systemes, Siemens PLM, Cadence, IBM Rational Software, National Instruments, Aras Corp, Faro, Vuuch, SpaceClaim, ANSYS, CadSoft, PTC, Delcam, Rhino3D, IHS, Bunkspeed, MathWorks, CD-adapco, Micrium, Mastercam, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, IMSI/Design, QNX Software, Sunstone Circuits, Maplesoft, OMEGA, Apriori, Sensable Technologies, Green Hills Software, NEi Software, Express Logic, Bootroyd Dewhurst, Optiwave, ExpressPCB, Magma Design Automation.


Design software plays a critical role in the electronics industry, helping companies create, simulate, layout, test, and document their Printed Circuit Board development needs from start to finish. But being a successful design software brand in today's worldwide marketplace means more than just providing a superior product. Leading brands need to have powerful and effective digital footprints.

Heardable examined 44 brands for our latest online brand health benchmark report, "The Top Performing Design Software Brands in the Electronics Industry." Autodesk was named the most effective brand in the group, scoring higher than all listed competitors, including SAP, Solidworks, and Microsoft.

Autodesk's brand health score of 716 out of 1,000 possible points beat its nearest competitor, SAP, by 13 points, or 1.82%, and surpassed third place Solidworks by 29 points, or 4.05%. The gap between Autodesk and lowest-ranked Magma Design Automation Inc was 640 points, or 89.39%.

So how did Microsoft rise to the position of category leader? Three areas of competence caught our attention: 1) mobile website optimization, 2) social media participation, and 3) search optimization.
The Top 10 Design Software Brands (ranked by Heardable)

1. Autodesk
2. SAP
3. Solidworks
4. Microsoft
5. Altair
6. Oracle
7. Corel
8. Accenture
9. Dassault Systemes
10. Siemens PLM
Read the full report to review the performance of the remaining 34 brands.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Social Media Assessment
Content Sharing Assessment
Measurement Assessment
Website Usability Assessment
Search Assessment
44 Design Software Brands: A Closer Look
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Report length: 445 pages

Analyst Quote

"Autodesk is a design software company that's doing many things right," said Jon Samsel, co-founder of Heardable. "They've employed a customer engagement strategy that's managed to touch all aspects of its digital footprint -- from employee bloggers and mobile optimization to social media adoption and real-time help features -- it's managed to create a holistic online experience that's a reflection of its brand." 

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